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Direct Virtual Consulting

Moving your business in the right direction

Started back in 2019, Direct Virtual Consulting began as a side hustle and quickly grew and took on a life of its own. It is now a thriving full time Virtual Administration business supporting various business owners with customer service by email and phone, data entry, digital filing.

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant can be more cost-effective for businesses. Many businesses need extra support but can't justify the cost of a full time team member. VA's are external contractors who invoice only for the time spent on your business, providing greater efficiency for their specialised services. Business owners can focus on developing their business without the payroll liabilities.

Direct Virtual Consulting owner, Clare Doye, has energy, enthusiasm & and great sense of humour, and thrives on supporting established business owners. Clare values becoming a an integral part of your business, not just the outsourced help. She is there for the trials and tribulations of your business growth, and values your business' success.

Clare is excited to work on projects that resonate with her passions, which is why she carefully selects clients aligned to her own values. Every business is unique, and choosing the right VA can move your business in the right direction. The benefits of working with Direct Virtual Consulting are:

* Flexible hours of operation - we don't always stick to the standard hours of operation, if you need a project completed with a short turnaround or a meeting after hours, we can make that work.
* You only pay for what you need - businesses have a natural ebb and flow, why pay an employee for regular hours when you can pay for a VA only for the time you need. We track our time and invoice accordingly every week, or offer packages, so there is no surprises.
* DVC is an Australian based business with a passion for Aussie businesses.
* You don't pay payroll liabilities, or need to provide office equipment, - this is all covered in our rate.
* As a business owner we understand some of the pressures you face and we want to see you succeed. We also have many contacts you might find useful within your business, you don't have to do it alone.


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1 review
  • Isabelle

    Clare is an amazing person to work with. She is reliable, honest, passionate and treats your business with the same respect and dedication that you do. She is incredibly knowledgeable and talented. Having her work on various admin tasks considerably freed up time to work on other important projects and tasks. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

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