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Grace Hull Mindset Education

Educating people in the art of creating their lives.

Grace Hull started her mindset education business in January 2022 as a way to share everything that she had learned along her own self-development journey. Her history of experiencing rheumatoid arthritis led to discovering a whole world of mindset education and the power that our subconscious beliefs have in our lives. Grace teaches concepts and strategies that allow people freedom from limiting beliefs and guide them to see where their autonomy is.

Grace leads a values-based and driven life, with three core values which form the foundation of her business - curiosity, integrity and self-discovery. Her mission is to show you the path to becoming, by teaching you how to step into the most empowered version of you, the version of you that is most aligned. 

Grace's background is in education, holding a Bachelor of Educational Studies and having worked as a professional learning designer for over five years at the University of New England. She has also attained a Post-Graduate Certificate in Self-Development & Wellbeing. Getting to work with people uncovering their true selves, without all the conditioning thrust upon them, is Grace's favourite thing to do.

Grace runs various courses, including self-paced online courses, 1:1 mentoring and group workshops.


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